Flowers have that mysterious beauty that grabs everyone’s attention. Everyone admire and adore flowers beauty. Flowers are the real sunshine that adds warmth to our everyday lives. Watching beautiful flowers gives calm and peace to the soul. Flowers have the power to convey feelings and emotions to the loved ones.
Many types of flowers blossom up all year around no matter what type of weather is. They can be classified on the basis of colour, arrangement and by type.
Here we would tell you about how flowers are classified on the basis of its colour.

  1. Red Flowers
  2. Assorted Flowers
  3. Pink Flowers
  4. White Flowers
  1. Red Flowers:
Red Flowers are globally considered as the colour of deep love. Let’s understand the meaning of different types of red flowers.
  • Red Roses- Represents unconditionally and irrevocably love
  • Red carnations- Show love is deep and full of passion
  • Red gerberas- Signifies smitten love. Will you be mine?
  • Red calla lilies- Stands for Wonderstruck. I am in awe of you. Accept my love.
  • Red tulips- Symbolise solemnly swear that I love you and will love you forever.
        2. Assorted Flowers:

Assorted flowers are the combination of two or more flowers. When you combine two different flowers, their meaning also becomes complicated. For example, When red and yellow roses are gathered, they indicate light-hearted happiness and gaiety. And when yellow and white roses bunch together they represent harmony and unity.

         3. Pink Flowers:
Pink Flowers are the symbol of romance, sweetness and elegance. The pink colour further divided into two sections- the Dark Pink Flowers and the bright Pink flowers.
The Dark Pink Flowers symbolises appreciation and gratitude. Whereas, light pink flowers are associated with gentleness and admiration.

        4. White Flowers:  

White flowers are the symbol of purity and innocence. The different meaning of white flowers are:

  • White roses- Perfect for brides as they denote elegance and pure beauty.
  • White carnations- Express sympathy and can be used to convey condolences.
  • White calla lilies- White lilies represent pure thoughtful love. You can send it to your beloved on any day.
  • White gerberas- White gerberas represents fidelity and genuine love. It is a perfect gift to make your friend, girlfriend or wife feel special.
  • White orchids- White orchids stand for classiness and regality. Send these exotic blooms to send the message of adoration.

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