Every Flower is a pure soul. Flowers blossoms all year around whether it’s a winter, summer, autumn or spring. The flowers are the fantastic natural gift to the Motherland.  In Part 1, we described how flowers are classified on the basis of colour. Here we would continue to tell you about more flowers and how they are classified on the basis of its colour.

  1. Yellow Flowers
  2. Purple Flowers
  3. Blue Flowers

         1. Yellow Flowers:
Yellow flowers are for friendship. But the different type of yellow flower depicts different meaning.

  •  Yellow roses-  For Friendship and good health
  •  Yellow carnations- For Disappointment
  •  Yellow gerberas- For Happiness and cheerfulness
  •  Yellow  Daffodils- For New beginnings and rebirth
  •  Yellow Sunflowers- For Eternal sunshine, loyalty and longevity

         2. Purple Flowers:
The Purple flowers are best to signify the meaning of admiration, royalty and elegance.

  • Purple Roses- Generally stand for enchantment.
  • Purple Orchid- Symbolise royalty, admiration, and respect.
  • Purple carnations- Imply capriciousness

         3. Blue Flowers:
The Blue Flowers stands for desire, love, inspiration and symbolises the beauty of things.
Blue Roses- In reality, blue roses don't exist in nature. When the roses lose their pigmentation that produces the blue colour. The blue colour rose depicts mystery and unattainable.

  • Blue Iris- Symbolises the faith and hope.
  • Blue Tulips- Represents tranquility and peace.
  • Blue Orchids- Symbolize Peace, beauty, charm, elegance and strength.
  • Blue hydrangeas-  Depicts frigidity and apology.

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